Friday, March 13, 2015

More How to Cook Videos soon! is baaaaaaack!

After thousands of requests, I am excited to announce that I will start taping again this week!  Thank you for over 600,000 views and thousands  of subscribers even though I have not made a video in 6 years!  Your positive feedback and reinforcement has made me put a camera back in the kitchen.

My goal is to upload 100 video recipes in the next 6 months.  I have had so many requests over the years and I will videotape all of them for you.  And yes, I will include the obvious but yet unpublished, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.  I will also include some not so expected things that I have loved over the years.  It won't just be soul food this time folks. I will prepare, Thai, Greek, Indian and other cuisines.  I hope you enjoy them.  This food although not "Soul Food"  speaks to my soul and I hope it does the same to you.

My son is preparing for college, and I will be uploading some very very basic things as well like cinnamon sugar toast so he can feed himself while he is away.  If you see a video that is too easy for you, please pass it on to the college student in your life.

Some other things will be very different.  I no longer live in Georgia. I now live in a Virginia townhome. I am grateful.  It is lovely and very convenient, but I have a much smaller kitchen (one of the reasons I have not filmed).  Still, I have decided to bloom where I am planted and the cooking show must go on! Check out my past video recipes at

Thanks to all of you who have found me in very creative ways.  You called, emailed, facebooked, came to book signings, etc. It was a pleasure to meet each of you. For those who would like to recommend recipes,  Here is all of my contact information:

CookBook: Soul Food: The Basics by Pamela M Holmes
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